i2i Consults have proven expertise in:

  1. Strengthening governance, planning and budgeting for health commodities logistics.
  2. Strengthening policy, systems and processes for procurement and supply chain management of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, health commodities, equipment and related supplies.
  3. Designing & Executing innovative replicable & sustainable interventions for effective and efficient service delivery for the health, education and water supply & sanitation sectors.
  4. Building effective partnerships between multiple partners for synergizing core strengths to achieve compounded benefits.

We have been successful in:

  • ¬†Advocating,
  • Structuring,
  • Systemizing,
  • Facilitating for the required Resources,
  • Capacity Building,
  • Delivering,
  • Documenting,
  • Monitoring, and Evaluating a wide range of development projects.